Author Portraits with Jack Wang

I had the great fortune of not only meeting writer Jack Wang about ten years ago, but to also be his student. Before photography came into my life, I had lofty notions that I might become a fiction writer, and Jack guided me through the development of my craft. Though my medium shifted to from the word to the image, I have continued to apply the principals he put forward.

When Jack reached out for some fresh images for an upcoming literary release, I was thrilled at the opportunity to use lend my craft to someone who I admire and respect.

We had a couple hours to bring together a range of looks for different applications. Starting in the studio, a mix of strobe and window light allowed us to be flexible, shifting from dramatic to simple scenarios in seconds.

The studio also afforded us some great textures, so shifting to some environmental portraits was just as seamless.

From there, we moved out into the world, chasing light and enjoying the serendipity of the city, using environments to compliment Jack, and making sure that the background was simple enough to not draw attention.

Through the years, I’ve been lucky to have had some phenomenal teachers and mentors, people who believed in their students and led by example, and Jack certainly ranks among them. So thank you, Jack, and I can’t wait to read your book!